“The arch at Playa de Campiecho is spectacular on its own right. Then, you’ll notice that there is a cave overlooking the arch, which you can use to frame it; if you think that this can’t be beat, upon entering into the cave you’ll notice that the cave is actually a double-eyed cave. Truly amazing! Photographing the arch from the cave with water in it, however, is actually very tricky. To reach the arch with enough water around it, you’ll need to wade your way into the ocean, with water up to your belly; when you’ll get to the arch, you’ll have to enter the cave with just your camera on your tripod, since there is very little room inside the cave. Timing all that so that you’ll get there at sunset, requires a lot of preparation. But when you do, the view from the arch’s secret cave is simply unforgettable!” – Vieri

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