“St. Michael’s Mount, in Cornwall, is a tidal island connected to the mainland by a causeway. Tidal islands live in between two states; when the tide is high, the island retreats in perfect solitude, until the next low tide will make it possible again to reach her. To tell this story visually I envisioned photographing St. Michael’s Mount at high tide, but I needed to add one more element of contrast to symbolize the in-between life of the island. Being very familiar with the location, I knew that at sunrise the light would be very directional – in the season I like to visit – allowing me to use the color difference to add strength to my visual interpretation of the scene. On a beautiful sunrise, I decided to go for a long exposure of one minute and a half, to smoothen and simplify the composition in the sea as well as making the clouds more abstract, which worked perfectly with the idea I wanted to express.” – Vieri

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