“Iceland is home to some incredible waterfalls. One of the most spectacular, and one of my favorite locations, is Seljalandsfoss, where you can walk behind the falling water and photograph it from the inside out. I love watching the rising sun on the landscape while hidden behind a veil of water, it is a very emotional moment, making for some truly magical imagery as well, and I am privileged in being able to pass on to you – the viewer – the emotions I felt, through my photographs. However, photographing from behind a waterfall presents many challenges. First, there’s the sheer number of people visiting this iconic location; being very familiar with the location, I know when to go to find myself all alone there. Second, there’s the difficulty of keeping your front element clean of water spray; it requires some acrobatics, but it can be done. Third, being able to concentrate on creating a compelling composition without being overwhelmed by power of the location; knowing the location very well, I know which composition will work with all the different light conditions. Last, controlling exposure shooting into the sunrise out of a dark cave; experience and technique, as well as a special filter, come to the rescue. The results, however, are definitely worth all the work: photographing from behind the veil is an unforgettable, unique experience.” – Vieri

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