“Interpreting iconic locations is tricky, in that people often can’t see the forest for the trees, so to speak. Balanced Rock is one of these locations. Being close to the road, is heavily photographed; however, everyone focuses on what looks like a rock balancing on a pinnacle, missing the sheer size and scope of the whole rock formation, which is much bigger and – to me – much more interesting. My familiarity with the location allowed me to start seeing the forest, exploring the formation’s surroundings in detail and looking for compositions that would render the whole rock justice. From a distance, the formation looks like a vessel, a cargo ship of sorts, with her bow, her cargo deck and her quarters deck at the back. I love to travel to Arches in winter, to profit from the contrast between the sandstone desert environment and the snow, and to use patches of snow to create lines in my compositions. I then chose to photograph at dusk, when the warm and saturated light enhanced this contrast beautifully.” – Vieri

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